Due to the fact that the L.G. White Safety System is Patented, we qualify as a sole source vendor.


Our patented aircraft fall safety system is now Fed-Logged with Federal
Stock Numbers. We are now able to process orders with greater ease and

Stock Numbers: C-130 Fall Safety System

Front Wing:

Part # BB000030-001


Rear Wing:

Federal Stock # 4240-01-489-1636
Part # W9901


Federal Stock # 4240-01-490-0038
Part # T0001


Rear Fuselage 48" Netting System:
Part # FR9902


Rear Fuselage 124" Netting System:
Part # FR9901


Sole Sourced by L.G. White Safety Corporation


Our staff at L.G. White Safety Corporation is confident in our product, and
committed to ensuring your maintenance crews get superior fall protection